Chinese Food

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Chinese Food

Chinese Food | Golden Empress Garden Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA

Not many nations can claim the kinds of culinary success that Chinese food has seen. People from all over the globe are united in their appreciation for Chinese food, and the citizens of Philadelphia, PA are no exception. Golden Empress Garden Restaurant strives every day to be worthy of the praise heaped upon Chinese dishes, and so far they haven’t put a foot wrong. When you eat food from their kitchen, you’re experiencing a little bit of China.

You’ll find all the classics here, though you might be surprised at how many of them you didn’t know existed. You’re probably familiar with fried and steamed rice, sweet-and-sour pork, Kung Pao chicken and the like, but have you tried broccoli beef, or General Tso’s chicken? You’ll find some dishes at Golden Empress Garden Restaurant that ordinarily can’t be found outside of China itself. Broaden your horizons; take yourself on a whirlwind tour of new tastes and textures.

Some people are put off by the amount of meat that Chinese restaurants tend to serve. Fret no longer; Golden Empress Garden Restaurant offers a wide range of vegetarian options as well. They make every effort to cater to the needs of every customer, so don’t hesitate to mix, match and substitute. Chinese food’s diversity is there for a reason, after all.

Chinese dining has never been as great an experience, so next time, bring the whole family! Golden Empress Garden Restaurant is always ready to cater to large groups, and such times are perfect opportunities to sample all the dishes you’ve been missing. They’ll send you home happy and full of good food, good company and good service.

Eat at Golden Empress Garden Restaurant; you won’t regret it!

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